THEOSOPHY, Vol. 21, No. 1, November, 1932
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(Number 1 of a 36-part series)



TRUTH always agrees with Truth. True Teachings are complementary and correspondential throughout. This is markedly evident in the writings of the great Messengers of Theosophy in this age. The Ocean of Theosophy, by William Q. Judge -- as can not be too often reiterated -- constitutes an epitome of The Secret Doctrine, by H. P. Blavatsky. The "Ocean", in its succinct tracing of the Thread-Thought, step by step, in natural sequence, summarizes the doctrine and obviates risk of confusion in its manifold ramifications. The general scheme of manifestation once clearly grasped, details can be seen in proper place and relationship. Not interpretation, but correlative presentation of the Teaching was the task undertaken by Mr. Judge.

In the progress of time earnest perusal will reveal that the "Ocean" -- more subtilely perhaps, but just as surely as any other pure occult treatise -- makes its chief appeal to the heart. The Line so comprehensively indicated bespeaks the actual inherent Order in which evolution is taking place, now as always. Thought directed to this is really following the motion of Creative Intelligence at work throughout the Cosmos. Further, the statements made carry the spiritual force of the Teacher. Cyclic effort to comprehend the processes depicted tends to quicken in the student himself the identical energies engaged; while constant brooding on the ethical aspects involved must meet its reward in increasing attunement with the living mind of the author. The magic of this little book can not only synthesize the doctrine in the student's mind but has power to synthesize his consciousness with the whole of Nature. As Theosophy becomes the study of Consciousness, the "heart's small ebb" will be felt increasingly as one with the mighty tides of All-Being, the Universe perceived as a living, throbbing Unit, and Man regarded as a spiritual sea-farer voyaging in quest of knowledge.

"Theosophy is that ocean of knowledge which spreads from shore to shore of the evolution of sentient beings; unfathomable in its deepest parts, it gives the greatest minds their fullest scope, yet shallow enough at its shores, it will not overwhelm the understanding of a child". This initial statement at once sweeps away the validity of "belief or dogma formulated or invented by man" in its "bold" declaration of the fact of knowledge, of Knowers, and of eternal Truth to be known; thus launching the seeker upon serious consideration of life and its meaning and purpose.

In the first three paragraphs of this work, the triune fundamental basis of the philosophy is indicated: the first presents the true conception of Deity or "wisdom about God"; the second "hails the reign of law in every thing and every circumstance"; while the third elevates Man from possessor of soul to the dignity of Soul Itself, linking him with vast sentient Nature, since "down to the smallest atom all is soul and spirit ever evolving under the rule of law inherent in the whole."

Aimlessness and despair must vanish before such vision of the "drama of the soul" and thought that the universe exists "for the soul's experience". Then, by the light of confidence in the Teachers, the significance of a ladder of Being is gradually apprehended and seen to involve as a logical necessity the existence of Beings transcending mere human understanding, yet one in Essence with all others and evolving under the same Law and processes. Correlative with this, dawns conception of individual experience in "an immeasurable course of activity and intelligent perception", stretching back to "other systems of globes, some of which were destroyed ages before the solar system condensed". Follows the inescapable conclusion that this Identity now playing upon the Stage of Existence has enacted many roles in the Great Drama, on other planets and even under other suns. The mind reels before the vistas of its own past and stands in awe before the winding steeps in prospect. From such perspective, sense of immortal Individuality must begin to arise; the Doctrine of Reincarnation be transmuted from speculation to profound conviction; and the universality of Brotherhood become evident, excluding nothing from "smallest atom" to stellar host. Lofty aspiration can but quicken in the heart when the glittering galaxies of Night's sky are beheld as habitations of fellow beings circling with Earth's inhabitants upon a common Path; and when it is remembered that entities on some of the brighter planets of our own system, such as Venus, now progressed to "a pitch of glory incomprehensible to our intellects", were yet once "as low as ourselves".

Thus the Ocean of Theosophy is the ocean of Self; and each self a drop in its boundless expanse. The mysteries hidden in its depths are those of Selfhood. Self is the mystery of mysteries, the solution of which is Humanity's quest and sole purpose in existence.

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